Pure Soluble Shrimp extract




Pure Soluble Shrimp Extract is a hydrolysed shrimp protein extract. It is a viscous, orange-red-brown liquid with a strong aroma. The main purpose is to be used as an attractant to help increase palatability in Feed formulations. The product is also used to increase attract ability and is used in large quantities in our Amnesia squid boilie and all of its hook baits in its range.
It is produced from proteins extracted from the shrimp’s heads and shells.

Pure soluble shrimp extract is a product we first started selling at the beginning of 2021 and we only made it available to our team and in our post free bundles in the special offer section of the website, wanting to keep this one under wraps for a little while but it didn’t take long for the cat to get out the bag

our stockists immediately jumped on this one when seeing the results from our team on our social media platforms and has proven to be not only a better product than the pure krill hydrolysate we used to sell but even more popular straight from the off, a sustainable product that’s more attractive than krill and one that wont damage our eco system

when used to coat free offerings all though quite thick you’ll find it only takes a short amount of time to pull into a boilie leaving lots of shrimp meat on the exterior and having its own binding properties it forms a Malteser like coating that stays on the exterior for some time once engulfed under water adding much more extra attraction to your baited area as it slowly leaks off as your baits release the moisture they have pulled in


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