Amnesia Squid boilie 40kg


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The Amnesia Squid is a bait that is based around soluble attraction with no synthetic flavours involved in its make up, a fishmeal based product designed around soluble shrimp extract, a very particular and potent squid meal, pharmaceutical green lipped mussel powder that’s exclusive to us and black pepper essential oil

We went back to the days of old with this one with the bait industry now being an over saturated market with boilie being readily available through online deals and cheap manufacturers putting out low cost baits with very little if any nutritional value

The Amnesia squid although throwing stick friendly once submerged in water releases a haze of attraction immediately as its highly soluble ingredients start to break down, the extremely high pharmaceutical green lipped mussel powder content combined with the soluble shrimp extract, squid meal and black pepper essential oil all work in true harmony bringing out the best in each other creating perfect synergy tested over a 3 year period to ensure we were using perfect levels of each ingredient

with the Amnesia Squid being such a soluble product we highly advise the use of the matching hard hooker as small nuisance species will certainly cause issues and the bait becomes quite soft in a short period of time once submerged in water

Amnesia Squid does not need to be used in high volumes so there’s no need to mass bait, its quite common in the modern day carp scene for anglers to spomb in 10kg of boilie but with the Amnesia Squid we highly recommend not to use it in mass quantity, old school tactics like pva stringers and a 40 to 60 bait approach is not only much more effective with the Amnesia with it being such a high end product it will also save you a fortune in bait as your not emptying your wallet into the lake on a weekly basis

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